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Becoming The Talbot Sisters

Waverly and Charlie are twins who are orphaned when their parents plane crashes in Africa. They are sent to live with their Aunt Mae whose not rich like their parents were, but showers the girls with a stable, caring home life.

As adults Waverly uses her inheritance to go to culinary school and Charlie decides to travel to Africa where she ends up doing nonprofit work there. The twins used to be close, but as the years go by they became more like strangers. When Aunt Mae passes away they are brought back together.

In her grief Charlie makes a huge life decision to try and give Waverly the one thing she’s most wanted in life. A child. To be her sister’s surrogate. After multiple miscarriages Waverly has almost given up hope, so when Charlie offers this generous possible gift Waverly hopes her husband, Andrew will be on board. Will Charlie go through with her offer to Waverly? Will their sisterly bond survive such a complex situation?

This novel is sweetly written. Waverly and Charlie are two distinct characters that stand out. Waverly is a Food Network host of her own cooking show while Charlie is the traveling nonprofit humanitarian. I can relate to Charlie in that I am more of an introvert who likes to read. Waverly reminds me of my sister in her love of cooking unique dishes. This novel tackles tough topics like infertility, sisterhood and what makes up a family.

I received my ARC copy of Becoming The Talbot Sisters by Rachel Linden for free care of TLC Book Tours from Thomas Nelson. I am usually not into Christian fiction, but this novel isn’t religious in tone. To grab a copy click here for Amazon and to find out more about the author Rachel Linden check out her website.

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