Books Read 2018

1. Where I End by Katherine Elizabeth Clark

2. Salvation On Death Row by John Thorngren

3. Sunday Silence by Nicci French

4. Deborah Rising by Avraham Azrieli

5. The Keeper Of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan

6. Happier Now by Nataly Kogan

7. Life In The Sloth Lane by Lucy Cooke

8. Modern Loss by Rebecca Soffer & Gabrielle Birkner

9. Shunned by Linda A. Curtis

10. Off by Tanya Goodin

11. Everything Happens For A Reason by Kate Bowler

12. The Atomic City Girls by Janet Beard

13. How To Break Up With Your Phone by Catherine Price

14. The Last Days Of Oscar Wilde by John Vanderslice

15. A Piece Of The World by Christina Baker Kline

16. Deborah Calling by Avraham Azrieli

17. Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum

18. Permanent Marker by Aimee Ross

19. I’ll Be Your Blue Sky by Marisa De Los Santos

20. Love Unleashed by Rebecca Ascher-Walsh

21. Son Of A Predator by David Davis

22. 1001 Ways To Be Creative by Barbara Ann Kipfer

23. Everything Is Normal by Sergey Grechishkin

24. Risen by Cole Gibsen

25. The Mindful Day by Laurie J. Cameron

26. Self-Made Woman by Denise Chanterelle Dubois

27. Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton

28. True Stories From An Unreliable Witness by Christine Lahti

29. The Dream Of You by Jo Saxton

30. This Is Me by Chrissy Metz

31. The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

32. Running From God by Elizabeth Bodner & Louise Dunn

33. Forgiving God by Hilary Yancey

34. The Fox Hunt by Mohammed Al Samawi

35. You All Grow Up And Leave Me by Piper Weiss

36. The Talbot Sisters by Rachel Linden

37. The Moment Before by Jason Makansi

38. My Father’s Business by Cal Turner, Jr. and Rob Simbeck

39. A Sin Such As This by Ellen Hopkins

40. The Widow’s Watcher by Eliza Maxwell

41. A Handbook For Beautiful People by Jennifer Spruit

42. It Takes Death To Reach A Star by Stu Jones and Gareth Worthington

43. Where Hope Begins by Catherine West

44. What Blooms From Dust by James Markert

45. Rose Colored Glasses by Jo Ann Simon

46. Caroline by Sarah Miller

47. Find Your Awesome by Judy Clement Wall

48. The Death & Life Of Eleanor Parker by Kerry Wilkinson

49. Auschwitz Lullaby by Mario Escobar

50. Trial On Mount Koya by Susan Spann

51. In Praise Of Difficult Women by Karen Karbo

52. Girl Made Of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake

53. The Miracle Club by Mitch Horowitz

54. Life Inside My Mind edited by Jessica Burkhart

55. The Solace Of Water by Elizabeth Baylee Younts

56. Unfriending My Ex by Kim Stolz

57. When The Chocolate Runs Out by Thubten Yeshe

58. Neanderthal Opens The Door To The Universe by Preston Norton

59. Let Me Be Like Water by S.K. Perry

60. Living A Life You Love by Joyce Meyer

61. Shameless: A Sexual Reformation by Nadia Boltz-Weber

62. LaLa Lovely by Trina McNeilly

63: Letters To My Master by Daisy Baker

64. Pull It Off by Julianna Zobrist

65. Lifesaving For Beginners by Anne Edelstein

66. The Girl In Building C edited by Mary Krugerud

67. Catcher by Kalyn Nicholson

68. The Stranger Game by Peter Gadol

69. (Extra) Ordinary (Women) by Kristen Bartzokis

70. Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan