Books Read 2021

  1. Elizabeth Gail & The Mystery At The Johnson Farm by Hilda Stahl
  2. Book Love by Debbie Tung
  3. 3. Unf#ck Your Intimacy by Faith Harper
  4. Always Yours, Bee by Mia Hayes
  5. How To Build A Heart by Maria Padian
  6. A Happy Life In An Open Relationship by Susan Wenzel
  7. Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers
  8. The Truth About Change And Awakening by Rachael DK
  9. Sisters of War by Lana Kortchik
  10. I Love You To Pieces by Lori Flynn
  11. The Confident Woman Journal by Joyce Meyer
  12. The Miracle Collectors by Katie Mahon & Joan Luise Hill
  13. How To Age Without Getting Old by Joyce Meyer
  14. Why I Never Finished My Dissertation by Laura Foley
  15. Willing by Leslie Noyes
  16. A Flood Of Kindness by Ellen Leventhal and Illustrated by Blythe Russo
  17. Don’t Lose Your Head by Harriet Marsden
  18. Anatomy Of The Heart by Genevieve Martin
  19. The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman
  20. They Went Left by Monica Hesse
  21. Till Doubt Do Us Part by David Hayward
  22. Confessions Of A Prayer Slacker by Diane Moody
  23. Heartstopper by Alice Oseman
  24. Dancing At The Pity Party by Tyler Feder
  25. Hello From Here by Pamela Kennedy, Illustrated by Mackenzie Haley
  26. Mercy by Marcia Trahan
  27. Hurricane Summer by Asha Bromfield
  28. The Best Worst Thing by Kathleen Lane
  29. Stormland by John Shirley
  30. Peaceful On Purpose by Joel Osteen
  31. The Most Beautiful Disaster by Hope Carpenter
  32. A Winter Night by Anne Leigh Parrish
  33. The Unsaved Christian by Dean Inserra
  34. Sick Girl Secrets by Anna Russell
  35. To Shatter Glass by Sister Sharon Hunter, CJ
  36. The Halo Conspiracy by Michael Murphy
  37. The Essence Of Nathan Biddle by J. William Lewis
  38. Born In Lockdown by Tolu A’ Akinyemi
  39. The Day The World Changed by Baptiste Boutheir & Illustrated by Heloise Chochois
  40. September 11th, 2001 The Day The World Changed Forever by Baptiste Bouthier and Illustrated by HĂ©loise Chochois
  41. I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp
  42. Self Love Poetry by Melody Godfred
  43. A Socially Acceptable Breakdown by Patrick Roche
  44. Holy Hot Mess by Mary Katherine Backstrom
  45. Over It By Kelsey Grimm
  46. Petals Of Rain by Rica Keenum
  47. I Will Not Die Alone by Dera White, Illustrated by Joe Bennett
  48. Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke
  49. Changed by Tom Cantor
  50. My Mess Is A Bit Of A Life by Georgia Pritchett
  51. Carry The Dog by Stephanie Gangi
  52. Red Lip Theology by Candice Marie Benbow
  53. Not All Who Wander Are Lost by Traci Rhoades
  54. Bibliophile by Jane Mount