Books Read 2020

1. Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough

2. A People’s History Of Heaven by Mathangi Subramanian

3. The Years After You by Emma Woolf

4. Don’t Read The Comments by Eric Smith

5. Kidnaped On Safari by Peter Riva

6. St. Francis Society Of Wayward Pets by Annie England  Noblin

7. A Rainforest Adventure: Jasper Amazon Parrot Book 1 by Sharon C. Williams

8. Get Out Of Your Head by Jennie Allen

9. Death Is But A Dream by Christopher Kerr

10. A Sister’s Courage by Molly Green

11. The Initiation by Chris Babu

12. The Insurrection by Chris Babu

13. Ten Days Gone by Beverly Long

14. Smoke In Her Eyes by Anna Belfrage