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The Moment Before

Holly Chicago is determined to not let any man capture her heart again after her heart was broken by her father who left on a trip when she was little and never returned. She loves her father and is sure he didn’t abandon her, but the years keep flying by with no word from him. Holly keeps his memory alive by writing to him in her journal. She also, finds solace in visiting Joe, a piece of artwork at a museum near by that makes her think of her father and makes her feel closer to him.

Elias Haddad only meant to go visit his dying father, but instead got caught up in politics and arrested trying to enter his homeland of Syria. He misses his daughter Cheryl. Elias keeps hoping to one day be freed.

Holly revamps herself after leaving her verbal abusive mom behind. She doesn’t want to think of her real name or her heritage. Her Syrian roots might just get her into trouble after the scary events of 9/11. Holly chooses to start over in a small town where a handsome local lawyer named John Veranda is quite the distraction. When Holly was out of high school she tried to ask Mr. Veranda to help her in her search for her missing father. The difference is Cheryl goes by a new name and will Mr. Veranda recognize her?

This novel, The Moment Before by Jason Makansi is a story about family, relationships and the courage to not give up. I was provided a copy of this novel for free from TLC Book Tours care of Blank Slate Press. This is an intense read and brings to mind the years after 9/11 and what the American mindset was at that time. Holly, John and Elias are characters that don’t leave your inner world after the last page. I don’t usually read political themed novels, but this one is worth it. Go grab a copy from Amazon. Thank you Mr. Makansi for writing on a topic that shouldn’t be forgotten.

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