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Becoming The Talbot Sisters

Waverly and Charlie are twins who are orphaned when their parents plane crashes in Africa. They are sent to live with their Aunt Mae whose not rich like their parents were, but showers the girls with a stable, caring home life.

As adults Waverly uses her inheritance to go to culinary school and Charlie decides to travel to Africa where she ends up doing nonprofit work there. The twins used to be close, but as the years go by they became more like strangers. When Aunt Mae passes away they are brought back together.

In her grief Charlie makes a huge life decision to try and give Waverly the one thing she’s most wanted in life. A child. To be her sister’s surrogate. After multiple miscarriages Waverly has almost given up hope, so when Charlie offers this generous possible gift Waverly hopes her husband, Andrew will be on board. Will Charlie go through with her offer to Waverly? Will their sisterly bond survive such a complex situation?

This novel is sweetly written. Waverly and Charlie are two distinct characters that stand out. Waverly is a Food Network host of her own cooking show while Charlie is the traveling nonprofit humanitarian. I can relate to Charlie in that I am more of an introvert who likes to read. Waverly reminds me of my sister in her love of cooking unique dishes. This novel tackles tough topics like infertility, sisterhood and what makes up a family.

I received my ARC copy of Becoming The Talbot Sisters by Rachel Linden for free care of TLC Book Tours from Thomas Nelson. I am usually not into Christian fiction, but this novel isn’t religious in tone. To grab a copy click here for Amazon and to find out more about the author Rachel Linden check out her website.

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Hurricane Season

I’m not into Christian fiction. It can be campy, cheesy and not well written. Lauren K. Denton proved me wrong in her novel, Hurricane Season. This lovely story is set in Alabama, about two sisters who secretly envy the other sister. Betsy is the eldest. She’s a farmers wife who wishes she had children. Jenna is the wild younger sister whose a single mother of two little girls. When Jenna gets an opportunity to take an in depth photography retreat in FL she can’t believe her luck. Will Betsy and her husband watch their nieces if Jenna agrees to the opportunity?

This book discusses the myriad of difficult choices we make and how going after our dreams can alter our loved one’s lives. It talks about the sensitive subject of infertility and how it can either bring a couple together or threaten to rip their relationship apart. This novel also, provides a great farming 101 lesson through the book. This book is Christian fiction without any preachy, religious tones in the book, so if you aren’t of that faith variety you can read this book without fear of indoctrination.

I received my free copy of Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton from TLC Book Tours care of Thomas Nelson Publishing. I greatly enjoyed this book. Characters haven’t felt this real in a long time. To me that is the sign of a excellent book. To purchase this gorgeous book click here.

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The Space Between Words

I normally don’t read Christian fiction. I’ve found it can come across as cheesy. The Space Between Words,  is a Christian fiction novel set in France where the main character Jessica is visiting her best friend Patrick with their friend Vonda. On the last night of their visit in France Vonda decides she wants to go to a concert rather than go to a boring museum. Jessica agrees to go while her while Patrick goes off to the museum. The night of the concert changes their lives forever when there is a terrorist attack.

Jessica survives. After she’s had some time to mend, Patrick insists she still go with him on his journey across France. Still fragile and recovering Jessica agrees to tag along. On one of their many stops to look at antiques Jessica finds an old sewing box. Later on after it’s purchased Jessica discovers a secret compartment in the sewing box that contains old journal papers. Jessica is intrigued.  Why would someone have hidden pages of the Bible? With the help of her B&B hosts, Mona and Grant, Jessica is determined to find out what has become of the author of the journal, a French Huguenot refugee.

This book covers topics that aren’t easy to stomach. Sadly since Sept 11th America knows what terrorism is like. I have no clue even on a fictional level what it would be like to be in a foreign country and go through what Jessica did. Her journey to discover what happened to the journal author’s life is fascinating and scary. History is interesting, but will finding the future end point be worth it?

I received the ARC of The Space Between Words by Michele Phoenix from NetGalley, care of Thomas Nelson for free in exchange for my honest review. This book is fast paced, sweet, tense, fascinating and heartbreaking, I don’t know anything about the Huguenots, but if the parts about the Huguenots in France are based somewhat on fact it would be interesting to research their history further.