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1,001 Ways to Be Creative

The cover has little splotches of different colors. For some reason it makes me think of the colorful spotted character in the children’s book Put Me In The Zoo by Robert Lopshire. 1001 Ways To Be Creative by Barbara Ann Kipfer is a collection of inspiring quotes, themes and ideas for ways we can be creative. Each page has pretty designs on the side and each section is in a different color font. If you love colorful things like books by SARK, then you’ll be attracted to this little tome.

I received 1001 Ways To Be Creative by Barbara Ann Kipfer for free from TLC Book Tours care of National Geographic. If you need ideas to make your life more adventurous and exciting go pick up a copy. This book would make a great gift or coffee table book. See how many things you can try out of the ideas in this book. To purchase a copy click here.

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