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I haven’t read a vampire novel in years. Risen was compared to Twilight. I think this novel was definitely an improvement. This novel follows the story of Charlie whose been raised by her aunt Rachel in a little cabin in the woods. Charlie is only allowed to go only so far on her walks with her dog Jax. Charlie is sick of being cooped up at her aunt’s. She wants to see the greater world. Being homeschooled doesn’t help.

One day men in black come for aunt Rachel. Her aunt gives her one piece of advice. “Don’t run.” Charlie is about to find out why in her quest to rescue her aunt. One man in black seems different from the others. For some reason Sebastian and Charlie have some type of connection. Why did these men kidnap her aunt and is Charlie who she thinks she is?

If you like vampires and the book Divergent then you’ll enjoy Risen by Cole Gibsen. I received my free digital copy from Entangled Publishing in exchange for my review. Thank you for contacting me Melissa. I’m not a fan of vampire novels, but I do want to keep reading to find out what happens to Charlie.

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