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The Crystal Directory

Growing up crystals were a no, no. They were viewed as New Age and something not to look into. That is, until my curiosity got the better of me. The book, The Crystal Directory, is a collection of 100 crystals showcased by their purpose wether for the home, relationships, wealth, health, etc. Each page has a picture of the crystal with information about the crystal, any legend surrounding it and it’s uses.

If you are looking for a non intimidating book that is easy to read, interesting and educational then I recommend this book. The one caution I do have is that is does give you different rituals, so if you are spiritually sensitive I’d take this into account.

I received my complimentary digital copy of The Crystal Directory by Sarah Bartlett from NetGalley. The views are mine and of my own choice. I found this book interesting from a potential healing/health factor. Also, the history and legends behind the crystals are fascinating. I did recently purchase my first crystal, Lapis. Blue is one of my favorite colors which is why I picked it out.

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