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The Crystal Directory

Growing up crystals were a no, no. They were viewed as New Age and something not to look into. That is, until my curiosity got the better of me. The book, The Crystal Directory, is a collection of 100 crystals showcased by their purpose wether for the home, relationships, wealth, health, etc. Each page has a picture of the crystal with information about the crystal, any legend surrounding it and it’s uses.

If you are looking for a non intimidating book that is easy to read, interesting and educational then I recommend this book. The one caution I do have is that is does give you different rituals, so if you are spiritually sensitive I’d take this into account.

I received my complimentary digital copy of The Crystal Directory by Sarah Bartlett from NetGalley. The views are mine and of my own choice. I found this book interesting from a potential healing/health factor. Also, the history and legends behind the crystals are fascinating. I did recently purchase my first crystal, Lapis. Blue is one of my favorite colors which is why I picked it out.


When Life Throws You Hints

Sometimes Instagram ads inspire you out of the blue. I was scrolling and the ads on there can be annoying. One stood out though. The topic was on becoming a life coach through the program at SWIHA. I logged that information in the back of my brain for safe keeping.

A few months go by and I finally decide to check out their website and contact them for more information. I discover there’s an option of becoming a spiritual coach. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a pastor. Seeing I could go through and get ordained was like finding the gold at the end of the rainbow.

The only roadblock is the cost of the program. It’s a private college, so it’s not cheap, but I believe much less than a whole year at an in state university. Now I just have to save up.

I may not attend a church, or as I like to call it the box, but I still believe by a thread. It’s so ingrained in me I can’t merely throw it out. I’d love to help others on their spiritual journey. My faith has expanded so much in the past 10 years in strange, outside the box directions.

Are you a life coach or spiritual coach? If so comment below. I’d love to connect. What inspires you if you are looking to walk down this same path?