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Some Thoughts About Relationships By Colin Wright

I heard about Colin Wright from the best friends that started The Minimalists, Josh and Ryan. I was interested to read his books so I was excited to read his book on relationships last weekend.

Colin covers what he calls his polices when it comes to his relationships whether they are platonic or romantic based. His policies range from not drinking coffee after a certain time to be sure he’s able to get a good night’s sleep to making sure he communicates clearly in his relationships. Colin also, discusses the different types of relationships that are out there. As long as two people are adults and consenting then there are a variety of relationships from being in an open relationship or a poly relationship besides the traditional monogamous relationship. Colin also mentioned different societal myths of sorts like there is only one soulmate for each of us versus acknowledging that in our life time we may connect on a soulmate level if with different individuals and to put that level of pressure on one person is unfair and unrealistic.

Colin writes in a personal, readable manner.  If you are looking for a quick, helpful read I recommend this book. Colin suggests outside the box solutions, so to be ready to be challenged.

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