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Behind The Glamour & Makeup

I don’t know squat about Paris Hilton. All I’ve observed about her is what’s been broadcasted on the TV and media: glamour, parties, drama and those classic burger commercials for Carl’s Jr. Needless to say all that didn’t endear me to know more about her.

Her recent documentary: The Real Story of Paris Hilton on YouTube was recommended in my feed. I figured I would try it. I finished watching it this morning. I’m humbled and floored. Paris is so much more than what is shown through social media and media in general. I don’t want to give spoilers, except to recommend watching it.

I’m proud of you Paris for speaking up and out. You have been through so much. You have been under a social microscope coming from a high society family. There is so much expected of you that’s not necessarily spoken, but assumed. I applaud you for standing up. Be you. Don’t be afraid to take off your social glamour mask.