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Trial On Mount Koya

Hiro Hattori goes an interpreter for Christian Father Mateo to a Buddhist temple On Mount Koya to give a secret message to the priest there. When they arrive at the temple a massive storm hits. After they’ve spoken with the priest people at the temple start dying off. Hiro and Father Mateo have to figure out who the culprit is before they are next.

I have never read a Japanese mystery before and this was a classic who done it style mystery. The description of the Buddhist temple was elegant and detailed. I like how the author included Japanese words for the story to be authentic and also, to educate the reader on Japan and Buddhism. I have read a few books on Buddhism and this novel gave a nice primer along with comparing it to Christianity. This book was not religious in getting you to believe either faith presented, but equally explained both faiths within the story.

I received my free copy of Trial On Mount Koya by Susan Spann for my honest feedback and personal opinion from TLC Book Tours. If you enjoy mysteries and Japan grab a copy from Amazon and check out more about Susan Spann.

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