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The Last Days Of Oscar Wilde

I went into this novel blind. I didn’t know much about Oscar Wilde before starting this book. This novel talks about the end of Oscar’s life and his different flashbacks. Oscar had been in prison after one of his lover’s father accuses him of sodomy and is trying to get back on his feet. He tries to rekindle past flames with some of his past male lovers, but realizes they have moved on. The writing is poetic in parts, descriptive in others. If you don’t know anything about Oscar I’d recommend learning a bit about him first, otherwise you might end up lost like me.

I received The Last Days Of Oscar Wilde by John Vanderslice for free from TLC Book Tours in exchange for my feedback. This book is slow, pace wise. I personally don’t like this book. It’s depressing and sad. It’s sad to think how lonely Oscar truly is after he’s released from prison. I have never read any of his work, but maybe I will venture to read some. If you are a fan of his work this novel would be better suited for you.

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