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It’s MY Tree

If you need an adorable little picture book for your child on the topic of greed and selfishness then It’s MY Tree is just the right book. This cute picture book follows a little squirrel and his determination to not let any other squirrels get an opportunity at taking away his precious tree and the pinecones that come with it. He thinks building a fence, or even a tall wall will protect his tree from others. The problem with isolating his tree is that then he wondered, “What if there is a better tree over the wall with bigger pinecones?”

I received my complimentary copy of It’s MY Tree by Olivier Tallec from Kids Can Press, care of NetGalley. The views are mine and of my own choice. The illustrations in this book are sweet and quite expressive. I think this story shows how being greedy ultimately equals loneliness because you refuse to let anyone else in.


Pride: My Thoughts

I think I over amped my excitement about going to Pride. It was just like the Rainbow Festival in the fall except for the entrance fee, the over 18 area and the Parade that’s this morning. I am not into drinking, or dancing, so once I looked at most of the booths there, had a funnel cake I felt I was done, plus I don’t like big crowds.

There were two neat moments I want to share from yesterday. While me and my friends were sharing the funnel cake a little girl probably almost a year old walked over and wanted my friend’s water bottle. She was adorable. The other moment was walking by the free hugs booth. It was a Mormon booth. Who can resist a free hug? The family manning the booth were nice. The father gave me my hug then said, “Happy Pride.” That to me spoke volumes. Kudos to the Mormons.

Will I go next year? I don’t think I will. Yes, it was fun to gaze at all the cute lesbian couples, but no one really struck up a conversation. The people at Pride were polite, no rude, or pushy people. That aspect was good. I don’t think the entrance fee of $20 was worth it since a t-shirt was $20 and the funnel cake was a steep price of $9. If someone has a lot of money to spend at Pride, go for it, but if you have a small budget save your money and go to Rainbow Festival instead.



Today I am going to Pride for the first time. I’m a tad nervous since I’ve heard people might be scantily dressed. I might get an eyeful, sensory overload, but then again I might fit right in. I’ve never before been around this many GLBTQA people. My tribe I don’t socially mix with. Yes, I’m an introvert with a side of brief social interaction. I’m hoping I might make a friend, or two. I might click with a wonderful woman. Thankfully I am going with a few friends, so I won’t be alone.

Have you gone to Pride? If so, what was your experience? Would you say attending enriched you feeling comfortable in your own skin, your identity? Please feel free to comment and share your stories.