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Wilder Girls

With all the craziness this world is going through currently I wasn’t quite prepared for what I would find in the novel Wilder Girls. This novel’s theme is quite timely and ironic considering it came out before we would have to imagine a world in which being quarantined wasn’t merely a fictional hypothesis.

The one person at Raxter girl’s school who keeps Hetty’s life sane is Byatt. They are best friends and bunk mates. When the Tox hits and everyone has some kind of side effect from the mysterious illness Hetty gets promoted to Boat Shift. This is the coveted group of girls who help bring back supplies that are dropped off on the tip of the island they are on. When Hetty goes on her first patrol she realizes there is more going on than what is disclosed to the students.

Hetty has the quandary of liking her best friend, but the third friend in their trio, Reese seems to have not as hard of a countenance as she lets on. When Byatt gets carted off after experiencing one of her side effects of the illness Hetty is determined to find her best friend. Will Reese help Hetty find Byatt?

I received my complimentary digital copy of Wilder Girls by Rory Power, from Delacorte Press, care of NetGalley. The views expressed are mine and my own choice. This novel is nail biting, emotional and twisted. This is a YA novel that I don’t think is best for younger teens as it does have bits of violence. I’ve heard this novel compared to Lord Of The Flies. I’ve never read this classic, but after reading Wilder Girl’s I don’t think the old classic will hold up to this novel. If you are needing a page turner to stay up all the night for a readathon then go grab a copy of Wilder Girls.

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Just One Bite

Timothy Blake is helping out wanted criminal Charlie Warner. She’s a badass blonde that doesn’t take crap from anyone. Charlie is giving Timothy a great deal. He helps dispose the bodies she’s had killed. The only challenge is Timothy has been asked to help out the FBI on a case. Agent Reese is back in his life and the chemistry flairs up again. Can he handle the attraction he has for her? Will Reese figure out Timothy’s secret? Will Charlie find out who he’s helping out on the side? Can Scary Timmy curb his craving?

I received my complimentary digital copy of Just One Bite by Jack Heath from Harlequin Trade Publishing, care of NetGalley. The views expressed are my own and of my own will. It’s rare to get a sequel where you don’t necessarily have to read the first book. This is one is just that kind. This novel is fast paced, funny, gruesome and thought provoking. If you are a fan of Dexter you’ll want to keep up with what happens to Timothy Blake. If you want to read the first book look for a copy of Hangman.

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The Women In The Walls

Amy’s second YA horror novel is a step up from Daughters Unto Devils.   Similar horror themes, but a smoother read for me. The cover keeps in true creepy fashion with lettering looking like dripping blood. The fog in the background adds a nice mysterious element.

Lucy Acosta is the daughter of a man who can’t be bothered because he’s, too busy planning estate parties for the country club. Lucy’s cousin Margaret and her mom Penelope live with them in their mansion. Both girls are homeschooled by tutors. Margaret and Lucy are best friends until Margaret’s mom Penelope walks into the woods behind their house and never comes back. Lucy finds it strange her dad stops searching for her after only two weeks.  Margaret starts to act weird. Emotional one moment and bitchy the next. Margaret tells Lucy she didn’t really know Penelope. Lucy is closer to Penelope than Margaret is. She thought Margaret was merely jealous, till Lucy uncovers something deep in the back of Margaret’s closet. Lucy has secrets of her own. She’s a self harmer. Will Penelope ever return? Will Margaret’s strange behavior ever be explained? What secrets does the old mansion hold? What is the scratching noises Margaret shows Lucy?

If you are a fan of horror this one won’t disappoint. It’s an improvement from Amy’s debut novel. I think I will definitely steer clear of horror. I’m just, too spiritually sensitive to read it.

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Daughters Unto Devils

Horror is the one genre I don’t read. Ever. Till I reconnected with Youtuber Bisky Scribbles and I thought I’d give it a try. YA horror that is. I have read Stephen King, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve read him or Dean Koontz.

The title and cover of this book was a tad on the classic creepy level. Covers can make or break picking out a title. I almost resisted, but since I bought Amy’s newest title I figured I’d get her debut novel as well.

The storyline is of Amanda Verner and her family moving from the top of a mountain down to a prairie sounds innocent enough, until strange things start occurring. Prior to their move they are stuck inside their cabin due to bad winter weather, where they are snowed in. I think Amanda goes mentally ill. Her ma has a scary delivery of their new baby sister Hannah because their mom is sick with a high fever and can’t leave the cabin to get a doctor. Due to this Hannah is born blind and I believe deaf. Their ma is grief stricken over Hannah’s disabilities. Their pa try’s to stay stoick and keep the family focused on the Lord.

Amanda has a younger sister Emily whose her best friend along with a younger brother and sister. Her and Emily share everything about their lives with each other, until Amanda winds up prenant by the local post office boy. She feels evil having had sex before marriage and is scared she will be kicked out of her home if her parents find out.

Moving to the prairie more strange events keep occurring. The most glaring one is the new homestead they take over. The previous owner was either a messy butcher or something more sinister occurred. A house filled with dried blood all over? Cue creepy music. Will Amanda survive delivering her baby? Will her relationship with Emily be restored? If you are a fan of horror you might enjoy this book. For me not so much. I think I will stick with suspense novels.