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When The Chocolate Runs Out

I have read a number of books on Buddhism in the past. When Chocolate Runs Out is a short Buddhism 101 guide, written in such a way for the lay person to understand. Buddhism is supposed to be simple and yet trying to wrap up what I learned in this short book is something you’ll have to read for yourself.

Being raised a Christian some of the points in this book bring to mind some things I’ve learned in how I was raised. Our mind is powerful and what we choose to think on shapes us in more ways than we’ll ever conceive. Life is in constant flux and if we keep trying to hold on to the same old, same old we’ll get left in the dust of the past. I still don’t meditate. I’ve gone to yoga once. I refused to “Om,” during my session. The exercise was intense and I felt it for weeks after. Resting and focusing on my breathe helped me last winter when I was sick. It helped me calm down and breathe better.

I received my digital ARC copy of When The Chocolate Runs Out by Lama Thubten Yeshe care of NetGalley from Wisdom Publications. The opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own. If you are looking for a beginner book on Buddhism I would recommend this one, though I don’t agree with everything in this book.

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All Our Waves Are Water 

I didn’t even read the blurb about All Our Waves Are Water by Jaimal Yogis. All I knew was it was a memoir and I love memoirs. This book is about Jaimal and his search for life’s meaning through going on trips to India, Bali, San Francisco, etc. He was raised Buddhist by his parents, but throughout his schooling he is exposed to other faiths and beliefs. Jaimal discovers that the sacred can be found in many other faiths, even places he didn’t expect like the wailing wall in Jerusalem. He also, discovers that the most unlikely people can wake you up to realize what you truly have when you all you feel is blah about your life. One love of Jaimal’s life is surfing. It’s his way to regroup, get exercise and hone his surfing skills. He uses surfing as a way to describe how he has found the meaning of life.

At first this book was alright, but nearing the end I got sucked in and then I was on the last page wanting to read more. This book made me laugh and think outside the box. I’ve never been surfing, but after this book I might want to be brave and try it one day. I received my free ARC copy of All Our Waves Are Water  from TLC Book Tours in exchange for my honest assessment. If you are interested to get your own copy click here to purchase it from HarperCollins.