Break Open The Sky

Break Open The Sky, talks about how the culture of fear has invaded our church, faith, and life. It is freezing us up from living out our Christian walk. We grow leery of the other side of the Christian spectrum: liberal vs conservative, etc. Mr. Bauman talks about the Beatitudes and how we can live them out in our lives. He gives different examples of people in other countries and cultures who have gone beyond their fears to make a difference in their communities and homes. Mr. Bauman has also, shared stories of people who have gone out of their comfort zone by going to a different country filled with conflict to make a difference and possibly risk their life by doing so.

I received an ARC of  Break Open The Sky, free from Blogging For Books in exchange for my honest review. This book goes on sale May 23, 2017. For further information on the author click here

This book was short, but covered important topics. To fully digest all this book covered I suggest reading it a second time a few months after the first reading. I’d recommend this book, but if you are a new believer you may need a Christianese dictionary, or a fellow believer to translate a few words and expressions. It was written with passion, compassion, heart and love. Thank you Mr. Bauman.

A Mother’s Reckoning

I noticed A Mother’s Reckoning  at Changing Hands bookstore months ago. I’ve wanted to buy it, but held off till one of my good friends was kind and said I could pick out a book for her to buy me. Of course I picked this one! Why do I always gravitate towad the depressing themed books? I love memoirs and something about the subject of this book interested me.

I still remember what I was doing on April 20, 1999. I was going to a community college and heard about the tragedy. Watching the news coverage was intense. There are different books regarding the tragedy. I’ve read Rachel Scott’s journal/story which her dad had published after her passing as well as the book written about Cassie Bernall. Last year I went to see the movie, “I’m Not Ashamed,” inspired by Rachel Scott’s journals and her life before she was killed at Columbine. That movie starts off with real news coverage of the school shooting which made sitting through the movie tough.  If you have PTSD the opener doesn’t help. I don’t have PTSD, but to rewatch the news footage is traumatizing. 

This memoir by Dylan’s mother, Sue Klebold is raw, breathtaking, intense, sweet, gut wrenching and powerful. It’s a must read for parents, caregivers, hospitals and schools. It’s not just about what lead up to Columbine, but discusses how things can seem perfectly normal with someone and then they snap. I think Dylan’s mom did a fine job of expressing who Dylan was and seeing how he changed right under his family’s noses without much notice. Sue is one strong woman to endure all she has and still come out fighting to get society educated on suicide. Her involvement in suicide prevention is inspiring and humbling. This is a must read!

The Upside Of Unrequited 

I got this book for last month’s OwlCrate. The cover is a gorgeous blue and the title is uniquely displayed. I wasn’t quite sure what this book was about till I watched one of my favorite booktubers give a synopsis of the storyline. 

This book was a fast read aka 2 days. It’s about Molly whose a bigger girl with a sweet, creative personality. She has a twin Cassie who is her opposite. Cassie is gay and determined for Molly to get a boyfriend. Molly has never had a boyfriend or a first kis. Ever. Being 17 and never been kissed is embarrassing. Cassie tries to set Molly up with her girlfriend’s best friend, but Molly possibly has her eye on a different guy.

This novel is about sisterhood, family, being different and not allowing it to stop you from living your life and most of all about love. I read Becky’s first novel Simon VS The Homo Sapien’s Agenda.  This second novel is even better.

I would recommend this book highly. I giggled from the first sentence and snorted through out. When a book makes you laugh right away you know it’s going to be a great book. The only thing that turned me off is the amount of swearing the characters did. I don’t think it enhanced the storyline or dialogue, otherwise I would have given it 5/5. This book would make a sweet romantic movie for teens. I think even adults would love it.

Coral And Bone

What would you do if you discovered your life was one big lie? Halen discovers there’s more to the reason sparks want to release under her fingertips when she gets angry and the reason she blacks out at school. Her and her move have moved back to Rockaway Beach, but maybe being back where her dad drowned in the ocean is a bad idea.

 Tage is a girl at school who befriends Halen. She is not that fond of her, but one night proves her friendship. One night Halen and Tage are given unique gifts for their birthdays. They each get a bracelet that they are told to wear and must not take off. A boy comes to bring Halen her homework from school, but after the flash of a knife and a run for their lives Tage instructs Halen to go into the ocean. Halen doesn’t like the ocean after she witnessed her dad drown. Little does she know once she goes into the ocean to get away from the boy chasing them that there is a different realm.

In getting away from the boy with the knife  Halen discovers a beautiful place and her connection to it. It’s a realm filled with unique creatures, berries that make you trip out and under water caves that hold the mentally unstable. There Halen discovers the connection she has with a boy she’s been sketching for a long time. The big question is why has she been sketching him and why does she feels drawn to this boy whose a stranger?

This fantasy book talks about many topics ranging from family, friends, loyalty, destiny, hate, forgiveness, love and of course magick. This book talks about the challenges that come with being lied to by loved ones and the choice to either forgive and move forward, or hold on to bitterness and let it rot you. Which would you. choose?

I am not into fantasy as I’ve shared before, but this book was hard to put down. It took till halfway through to get into the story, but once I did I was hooked. The author Tiffany Daune was kind enough to include a sneak peak into book 2, which now makes me antsy to want to find out what happens to Halen. If you enjoy fantasy, mermaids, sirens, magical realms and drama go get a copy of this gorgeous book. The cover is what screamed, “Pick me!” I was provided this book for free from Oftomes Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

I did ask Tiffany, the author one question. 

“How can you relate to Halen and in what different way can you relate to Tage?”

Her response was:

 “Like Halen, when I was younger I suppressed my abilities and desires to make other people happy. It took a long time to love myself enough to follow my dreams. Halen too, must accept her powers and find the courage to fulfill her destiny. 

Tage is so dear to my heart. I love writing her. We all have those lost moments when life beats us up, but she’s a survivor no matter what’s thrown at her. I relate to her so much. Surviving is a desire to thrive when everything seems to be against you. It’s an undying faith when all you want to do is give up. Tage gets this.” 

If you have any questions for Tiffany after finishing Coral and Bone just ask her via Twitter. She’s a very gracious author who responds quickly and personally. 

The Unbelievable Happiness Of What Is

The title stood out to me. What does the happiness of what is mean? This book by John Bernie is not for the faint of heart or someone detoured by a long book. 

This book talks about learning to be fully present in the moment. To be fully listening, hearing and feeling; to not be thinking of the past or the future. He talks about letting go of having to be in control of our future, since we don’t know what the future holds we only know what is happening at this very exact moment. Mr. Bernie also, discusses how when we get outside ourselves and take it into account others, that we are all the same. When one person is hurting or sad we all are.

The concepts in this book were a tad heavy and yet simple all rolled into one. I think the idea of us all being one and being made up of energy is outside our Western comfort zone. In the US we are drilled to be individuals and separate. Mr. Bernie’s point is that we are all connected and when we can go outside our individualism we can truly love unconditionally because we aren’t trying to control our identity.

If you are up for a heavy, yet refreshing read I do recommend this book. I was given it for free from NetGalley in exchange  for my honest review.  If you enjoy reading, have a blog and want great titles to choose from to read I’d go sign up at NetGalley.


I crave that cup of Joe before I start my day.
Is it worth the paranoia for that brew?

The dark liquid fills my veins like blood.

It’s the experience I crave.

The time to sit and read.

I may be grumpy, bitchy or witchy, but without it 

withdrawal is insane.

Joe saves the day, my sanity.

I’ll chance that cup, come what may.

It’s my addiction, my security blanket of choice. 

Have you had your cup today?

One Perfect Lie

On the way to a vacation recently I picked up a copy of Lisa Scottoline’s newest book, One Perfect Lie. Since I enjoy reading her novels I was excited to dive into this one.

I have to be honest and confess I wasn’t very into the storyline of coach Chris Brennan and his new job at a new school in what appeared the perfect small town in PA. Not until I got further into the story did a light bulb moment happen. I don’t want to give away spoilers, so all I want to share is if you enjoy suspense, family drama that’s not your own and in depth characters, go pick up a copy of this book. Another great title. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us, Lisa!