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Still Standing

What would you do if you were falsely accused to being involved in illegal activity your spouse was involved in? Anaite Alvarado experienced just this in 2015 when she gets arrested in Guatemala. Anaite has dual USA citizenship since her parents are Guatemalan. Her husband, at the time, had only the previous year advised her of some financial trouble he was in. She was not involved whatsoever.

Anaite is whisked away by the police one morning after her children are sent off to school. I can’t imagine the trauma of being taken away without being able to warn your children of what is going to happen. Her memoir, Still Standing, is her journey being stuck in prison and waiting to be freed. Anaite’s account of prison life is intense, sobering, and educational. Her time in there shows how humane inmates are and how they help each other stay sane through their friendships and generosity in sharing what little they have.

I received a complimentary copy of Still Standing by Anaite Alvarado from Apollo Publishers care of Smith Publicity. Opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own. If you are needing an inspirational read I highly recommend this memoir.

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A Surgeon’s Odyssey

Do you enjoy travel memoirs? Are you interested in becoming a doctor? Do you love any kind of inspirational memoir? If any of this rings true for you then you’ll enjoy reading, A Surgeon’s Odyssey. Dr. Richard Moss raised in NY wanted more in life then to just start his own practice. He wanted to help those less fortunate in other countries.

When a fortune cookie from his favorite Chinese restaurant confirms his desire to be adventurous and follow his heart to help others he takes the plunge. Dr. Moss travels to Thailand, India, Bangladesh, etc. to assist with his expertise as an ear, nose and throat cancer doctor. He is not prepared for what he encounters in these countries. The late stage cancer he discovers is extreme, but the one thing that takes him by surprise are the patient’s attitudes.

The countries he visits are mainly Buddhist and some Muslim. The Buddhist patients could have late stage cancer and have the most positive disposition, grateful for whatever help he can give. Even if there is nothing he can do the patient is still grateful to be seen. Their outlook on life is vastly different from those in the United States. Dr. Moss is shocked how someone with such an advanced stage of cancer can have such a happy disposition when someone in the USA would be an emotional wreck.

I thought reading a doctor’s memoir might be stuffy and boring. I was wrong. Dr. Moss has a great sense of humor throughout out his book. He explains things regarding cancer and procedures in a way an average person can understand. Dr. Moss has quite the adventures in each country he stays in. Reading this book is helped increase my interest in visiting Thailand and India. It also, increased my knowledge of the different types of ear, nose and throat cancer. He even included photos from his travels. Before this book I had never seen what advanced tumors look like.

I received my complimentary copy of A Surgeon’s Odyssey by Richard Moss, M.D. from Claire McKinney, PR, LLC. The opinions expressed are strictly mine. This memoir is one of my top favorites for 2018. I am definitely going to look for his other memoir.

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Going Through Hell To Get To Heaven

As a little kid I went through the whole don’t drink and drive spiel in grade school. I remember being a literalist and not allowing my parents to even drink soda in the car because that was a drink. Have you ever thought how you’d deal with life if you encountered a drunk driver? Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz and his family did the day their car got hit by a drunk driver.

In his memoir, Going Through Hell To Get To Heaven, Dr. Hodkiewicz tells in gritty detail his family’s ordeal in being hit by a multiple time DUI drunk driver. His memoir in detail describes all they went through during the accident, the angels that were put in place to help them and the journey his family takes in fighting for their survival.

Dr. Hodkiewicz thought his life was on track to get what he wanted in life until his plan got interrupted by God’s plan. His memoir is not merely a survival memoir, but a faith memoir. He honestly describes what his faith was like prior to the accident and how the accident helped grow his faith instead of causing him to become bitter. Yes, he struggled and he doesn’t shy from sharing about that.

If you love memoirs then this one should top your books to preorder for 2019. This book is definitely one of my top favorites read this year. This book is not schmaltzy as a lot of Christian books can be. Dr. Hodkiewicz is not preachy, but relatable in a nonjudgmental tone. Even if you aren’t a mutual believer I think this book can still be an inspirational read.

I received a complimentary ARC copy of Going Through Hell To Get To Heaven by Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz courtesy of KiCam Projects. The views expressed are strictly my own. Thank you once again, KiCam Projects for the opportunity to get to read such a wonderful testimony to the gift we call life.

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Get Weird

I’ve never considered myself normal by society’s standards. I was never part of the popular crowd growing up. I tried my best to fit in, but the popular kids were always snotty and mean. I always befriended the underdogs in my class.

I was the bookworm at school growing up. Ever since 2nd grade when reading independently took off I’ve always had a book with me. I enjoyed going to the school and local library. I was the nerd who never had the popular clothing brands.

Get Weird is about finding out what makes you weird, different, unique and owning it. It’s not easy when TV, society, social media is constantly blaring hype on what we supposedly need in our life. This book gives examples of those who have paved the way for letting their weirdness shine.

I received a complimentary copy of Get Weird by CJ Casciotta from Faith Words. Opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own. This review is sponsored by Faith Words. If you think outside the box, consider yourself weird, unique and quirky you will love this book.

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The Every Day Empath

I am an empath. Anytime a sibling got into trouble I cried probably more than them when they got spanked. I am sensitive to others emotions whether happy, sad, angry, etc. I love having my personal space and time to myself to recharge. I’m a people person, but prefer small groups to big crowds. I don’t handle over socializing very well. I like to keep it to one maybe two events. One time I had 3 in one day and it wiped me out.

The Every Day Empath gives you a great empath 101 overview of what it means to be an empath and how to navigate your world as one. Raven gives hands on ways to cope, how to understand yourself more in depth and why you should be proud to be an empath.

If you believe you may be an empath, or want to understand those who are then I recommend this book. Some of the suggestions outlined I don’t agree with personally, but the way in which Raven explains what being an empath entails is very helpful. I received a complimentary digital ARC copy of The Every Day Empath by Raven Digitalis from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd care of NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are strictly mine.


🌻 Sunshine Blogger Award 🌻

When I first started blogging I got nominated for a blogger award. It shocked me as I hadn’t had my blog for very long. My wonderful friend Kristi over at Boston Book Reader recently tagged me in the Sunshine Blogger awards which is very sweet of her. It’s nice to give kudos to fellow bloggers and help get their names get out. Blogging is fun, but can be draining and time consuming, but worth the friendships gained.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is awarded by bloggers to other bloggers who are creative, positive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

Once nominated (and if you accept the award), a blogger is required to 1) write a post in which they thank the blogger for nominating them and link back to their blog, 2) answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you, 3) nominate eleven other blogs and 4) give them eleven questions to answer, 5) notify your nominees and display the rules and The Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

I WAS TAGGED BY my lovely friend @Kris_Marie7 ! I am so thankful for your friendship.






5. DO YOU MAKE YOUR BED EVERYDAY? Yes, except wash day








1. Coffee or Tea

2. Early bird or night owl

3. Favorite time of day

4. Makeup or natural

5. Hardcover or paperback

6. What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

7. Do you review for any companies like NetGalley?

8. What age did you fall in love with reading?

9. Physical, Kindle or both?

10. Fave genre to read

11. Fave bookstore



2.David Hayward

3.Gordana Biernat

4.Briana Morgan

5. Jennifer Acres

6. The Wild Sasha

7. Brianna DaSilva

8. Girl That Writes

9. Roxy

10. Nicole Carman

11. Lili Marcus

Can’t wait to read everyone’s answers and see the bloggers who will be nominated.

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Know Yourself: A Book Of Questions

The cover of this upcoming 2019 release was me 100%. The title, the colors, the max cuteness factor was me and I just had to review it. As soon as I got my approval to read this book of questions I dived immediately in.

Know Yourself: A Book Of Questions is just that. Each page is a different question. Each page is decorated differently with lots of color. Some questions are light hearted and others might make you wince with how deep they are. I thought the best way to review this is to give a sample of some of the questions that spoke to me and share my answers.

Would you rather have a different name?

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a different name. Sometimes at work callers get my name wrong, which makes me wonder what my life would be like if my name was different. Some of my personal favorite names are: Sarah, Emily, Brianna and Amanda.

What’s your fave sound?

My favorite sound is the violin.

Do your personality traits match your zodiac sign?

Yes and no. I definitely can be broody, although I don’t like being a leader. And I can’t stand to be the center of attention. I can certainly have intense opinions and be impatient. I have a challenge of being an impulsive shopper. I do like being babied to a degree.

How old do you feel?

I feel like I’m in my twenties.

What do you do when you are nervous?

When I’m nervous I pick hangnails.

What’s the best thing about coming home?

I love being in my own personal space with my best partner and bookcase.

What’s your greatest victory?

Surviving my preemie birth.

Which of your five senses is the strongest?

My sense of smell.

What story has been making the rounds in your family for years?

My miracle birth.

Would you go back to life without the internet?

I think I just might since communication was more intentional and life was less ADD.

Do you ever fantasize about being famous?

Yes, a famous author.

How important are other people’s opinions when you’re deciding on something?

I cave caring more about other’s opinions of a decision I’m making versus having confidence in my own decision I’ve made. It’s one trait I need to curb. Taking in other’s advice isn’t a bad thing, but I need to be secure in my own decisions.

What color would you give your life?

The color I would give my life would be blue. It is one of my favorite colors. To me it represents both calm and moody or emotional, which I have been quite a bit lately. Also, blue represents clear blue skies or stormy clouds which I love.

Do you tend to ask the questions or answer them?

I ask the questions as I like to deflect answering them.

I received my complimentary digital ARC copy of Know Yourself by Irene Smit and Astrid Van Der Hulst through NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are my own. If you love this kind of book I highly recommend it. This book would make a great great gift or book club book.