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Post Detox: 3 Weeks

It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve returned to social media. Honestly it’s not as exciting. People don’t really communicate through these platforms. Of course I don’t exactly bare my soul either. So, in that case do I keep it? Does it add to my life? If others don’t really communicate as directly then why keep it?

There are groups I’ve joined that I value. I may pair down who I have ‘friended’ on those platforms and keep it strictly to those I’m close to. Why just add to add if I know of someone or if they were an acquaintance of mine years ago? Not that I don’t care about those individuals, but why let everyone have a window into my personal life? Sure I don’t exactly share very personal things, but if and when I do share something personal I want it to feel like a safe space. No I’m not a millennial.

This detox was good for me. It showed me who kept in contact during it and who didn’t. I’m sure some maybe thought I wanted personal space, but wouldn’t I want to still hear from friends? Especially when taking a long break.

5 thoughts on “Post Detox: 3 Weeks

  1. I love this! I got off Facebook a few weeks ago and have not looked back.
    I don’t miss it at all. As a journalist, sometimes I have to go there for research (you’d be surprised how many businesses, especially restaurants, don’t have websites and you have to rely on Facebook for info).

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting Maryanne. I think it’s strange how when you leave it people act like you are dying or something and then if you return it’s like you are back from the dead, though direct contact was an option vs a social media platform. Glad you are glad you got off FB.


      1. Yes, 100 percent!! If you’re not on Facebook, it’s as if you don’t even exist. Other social media isn’t like that. But, you’re right. I found out who my REAL friends are by being off it.

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