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The Magic Of Inner Silence

The cover of The Magic Of Inner Silence is gorgeous. I love trees and forest, so the beautiful green on the cover matched with the pretty title font caught my attention. This short little book is about Brigitte’s discovery of what it means to be still and observe nature, to enjoy nature.

In today’s society we are always on the go and rarely stop to truly take in nature, animals, weather, plants, etc. Not only does the author learn to be silent and truly hear nature, but Brigitte learns that when she talks to animals that may be viewed as threatening these animals listened to her. For instance there were a lot of bees near her garden and she kindly explained what she was doing in her garden and that she meant them no harm. She didn’t get stung, but her neighbors did. Another the author found is that our pets do communicate with us in their own ways.

This book at times was written like poetry and at times it was a little instruction manual of sorts. Brigitte writes simply, poetically and she truly wants you to experience the joy she’s discovered through being silent. Some things she mentions in her book I don’t agree with communicating with guides, though I do believe angels are there to help us at times of need. There are important things I did learn through reading her book.

I received my complimentary digital ARC copy of The Magic Of Inner Silence by Brigitte Novalis from NetGalley. The opinions in this review are strictly my own.