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When I first started blogging I got nominated for a blogger award. It shocked me as I hadn’t had my blog for very long. My wonderful friend Kristi over at Boston Book Reader recently tagged me in the Sunshine Blogger awards which is very sweet of her. It’s nice to give kudos to fellow bloggers and help get their names get out. Blogging is fun, but can be draining and time consuming, but worth the friendships gained.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is awarded by bloggers to other bloggers who are creative, positive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

Once nominated (and if you accept the award), a blogger is required to 1) write a post in which they thank the blogger for nominating them and link back to their blog, 2) answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you, 3) nominate eleven other blogs and 4) give them eleven questions to answer, 5) notify your nominees and display the rules and The Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

I WAS TAGGED BY my lovely friend @Kris_Marie7 ! I am so thankful for your friendship.






5. DO YOU MAKE YOUR BED EVERYDAY? Yes, except wash day








1. Coffee or Tea

2. Early bird or night owl

3. Favorite time of day

4. Makeup or natural

5. Hardcover or paperback

6. What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

7. Do you review for any companies like NetGalley?

8. What age did you fall in love with reading?

9. Physical, Kindle or both?

10. Fave genre to read

11. Fave bookstore



2.David Hayward

3.Gordana Biernat

4.Briana Morgan

5. Jennifer Acres

6. The Wild Sasha

7. Brianna DaSilva

8. Girl That Writes

9. Roxy

10. Nicole Carman

11. Lili Marcus

Can’t wait to read everyone’s answers and see the bloggers who will be nominated.

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Know Yourself: A Book Of Questions

The cover of this upcoming 2019 release was me 100%. The title, the colors, the max cuteness factor was me and I just had to review it. As soon as I got my approval to read this book of questions I dived immediately in.

Know Yourself: A Book Of Questions is just that. Each page is a different question. Each page is decorated differently with lots of color. Some questions are light hearted and others might make you wince with how deep they are. I thought the best way to review this is to give a sample of some of the questions that spoke to me and share my answers.

Would you rather have a different name?

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a different name. Sometimes at work callers get my name wrong, which makes me wonder what my life would be like if my name was different. Some of my personal favorite names are: Sarah, Emily, Brianna and Amanda.

What’s your fave sound?

My favorite sound is the violin.

Do your personality traits match your zodiac sign?

Yes and no. I definitely can be broody, although I don’t like being a leader. And I can’t stand to be the center of attention. I can certainly have intense opinions and be impatient. I have a challenge of being an impulsive shopper. I do like being babied to a degree.

How old do you feel?

I feel like I’m in my twenties.

What do you do when you are nervous?

When I’m nervous I pick hangnails.

What’s the best thing about coming home?

I love being in my own personal space with my best partner and bookcase.

What’s your greatest victory?

Surviving my preemie birth.

Which of your five senses is the strongest?

My sense of smell.

What story has been making the rounds in your family for years?

My miracle birth.

Would you go back to life without the internet?

I think I just might since communication was more intentional and life was less ADD.

Do you ever fantasize about being famous?

Yes, a famous author.

How important are other people’s opinions when you’re deciding on something?

I cave caring more about other’s opinions of a decision I’m making versus having confidence in my own decision I’ve made. It’s one trait I need to curb. Taking in other’s advice isn’t a bad thing, but I need to be secure in my own decisions.

What color would you give your life?

The color I would give my life would be blue. It is one of my favorite colors. To me it represents both calm and moody or emotional, which I have been quite a bit lately. Also, blue represents clear blue skies or stormy clouds which I love.

Do you tend to ask the questions or answer them?

I ask the questions as I like to deflect answering them.

I received my complimentary digital ARC copy of Know Yourself by Irene Smit and Astrid Van Der Hulst through NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are my own. If you love this kind of book I highly recommend it. This book would make a great great gift or book club book.

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The Long Way Home

This historical novel is the story of Murphy and Thomas. They are two slaves in the south caught in the middle of the American Revolution. They decide to fight on the side of the British since they promised freedom if their side wins. Thomas just wants to live his life in peace as a free man and Murphy has a lot of pent up anger he needs to let loose. This book is their journey through the war to reach for home.

I haven’t read many novels on the American Revolution, but this book brings to life the grit of the fighting, the moral quandary of wanting to do the right thing, but being asked to do the opposite by your army supervisors. This novel is poetic and yet graphic in parts. If you enjoy reading about the Revolution I think you will find this novel fascinating. It’s very insightful as to what it would have been like to be a slave fighting for your freedom.

I received my complimentary copy of The Long Way Home by Kevin Bannister from Fireship Press care of TLC Book Tours. The views expressed in this review are strictly my own. Go grab a copy and check out Mr. Bannister’s website.

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Journeys Of A Lifetime

Who doesn’t love to travel and to dream of where you want to go? Journeys Of A Lifetime is one giant coffee table book. The cover of this hefty tome is Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. Inside are 500 of the world’s greatest trips sectioned by water, rail, road, foot, by food, etc. Each section has the stunning photography that National Geographic is known for. Included also, are different trip routes you can take.

Getting to review this lovely book it reminded me of different places and experiences I’d like to have some day. One thing I’ve wanted to do since childhood is cage dive to see Great Whites. In fourth grade I wrote a short story about a Great White. A place I’ve wanted to go visit since grade school is Poland. I’m not Polish, but after reading a children’s book based on World War II I’ve wanted to go visit it. I find their language sounds like music.

I received a complimentary copy of National Geographic’s Second Edition Journeys Of A Lifetime from TLC Book Tours. The views expressed in this review are my own. To go grab a copy for your home help support National Geographic. This book would make a great gift, conversation piece, inspiration and beautiful coffee table book.

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In Focus Meditation

This short book was outside my personal comfort zone. I haven’t read up on New Age Spirituality till this book. The main focus of this book is the different types of meditation. Other topics covered: chakras, spirit animals, Mediums, Tarot, Angels, spirit guides, etc. I almost wanted to DNF for spiritual reasons, but I pressed on and finished this book.

Honestly, after reading more in depth on this popular subject some of it I found superstitious, cheesy, but some parts I did find meaningful and helpful. I do want to start meditating. I do currently practice deep breathing to aid with calming and lowering my anxiety.

I received a digital ARC copy of In Focus Meditation by Jacqueline Towers From NetGalley. This review contains only my opinion. If you are looking for a book that gives you a basics 101 overview of this subject, then this would be a good book to choose.

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Marilla Of GreenGables

If you love Anne Of Green Gables, then you will love this new fictional novel by Sarah McCoy about Marilla before Anne arrives on her doorstep. This sweet novel imagine’s what Marilla’s life was like before Anne Shirley came into her life. Since I’m a huge fan of the 1980’s mini series I always imagined what happened between John Blythe and Marilla. Having become a fan of the new Netflix show “Anne With An E,” I wondered if Marilla’s mother really did pass after childbirth. This novel stirs the imagination as to why Marilla turned out so strict and reserved.

Marilla was never my favorite character in Anne Of Green Gables. I always found her reserved, strict, emotionless and boring. This book peels back her stone exterior to the true heartfelt woman beneath her protective layers. A lot of stories within this novel remind me a lot of Anne’s adventures. This book brings Marilla to life.

I received my complimentary ARC copy of Marilla Of Green Gables by Sarah McCoy from William Morrow care of TLC Book Tours. The opinions I express in this review are my own. To find out more about the author check out her website. To purchase a gorgeous copy via Amazon.

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The Magic Of Inner Silence

The cover of The Magic Of Inner Silence is gorgeous. I love trees and forest, so the beautiful green on the cover matched with the pretty title font caught my attention. This short little book is about Brigitte’s discovery of what it means to be still and observe nature, to enjoy nature.

In today’s society we are always on the go and rarely stop to truly take in nature, animals, weather, plants, etc. Not only does the author learn to be silent and truly hear nature, but Brigitte learns that when she talks to animals that may be viewed as threatening these animals listened to her. For instance there were a lot of bees near her garden and she kindly explained what she was doing in her garden and that she meant them no harm. She didn’t get stung, but her neighbors did. Another the author found is that our pets do communicate with us in their own ways.

This book at times was written like poetry and at times it was a little instruction manual of sorts. Brigitte writes simply, poetically and she truly wants you to experience the joy she’s discovered through being silent. Some things she mentions in her book I don’t agree with communicating with guides, though I do believe angels are there to help us at times of need. There are important things I did learn through reading her book.

I received my complimentary digital ARC copy of The Magic Of Inner Silence by Brigitte Novalis from NetGalley. The opinions in this review are strictly my own.

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Create Your Dream Life Now

When I saw the artwork on the cover of this book I just had to request to review it, not to mention the title, Create Your Dream Life Now, is enticing. This short book is filled with inspiration and helpful tips on how to focus on what you want to achieve through practicing yoga, meditation, prayer, implementing morning and nightly rituals and more.

I have in the past read books on different types of meditation. This book provided a very small sample. I discovered some I’m not too, keen on implementing, but might be open to others. I like the idea of having morning and nightly rituals. I do have a small morning one of sitting and having some coffee before work, but to add more to it, so there is more balance would be good. I have once gone to a yoga class which was outside my comfort zone. The stretching was very challenging and I couldn’t spiritually stomach the chanting, so I didn’t. As for prayer I don’t pray as much as I used to, or could/should. I do believe in God and I know this book’s stance is from a different belief system.

I think even if you don’t agree with everything in this little book you can still come away with helpful suggestions in how to focus your life goals and create balance in your life. Due to recent health ups and downs I’ve gotten into more deep breathing to help my anxiety go down so I can relax more to fall asleep at night. It truly works. I think having a tube down my throat as an infant in the hospital didn’t help in me knowing how to breathe comfortably through my nose, or to know to take good hearty, deep breaths.

I received a complimentary digital ARC copy of Create Your Dream Life Now by Darren Marc from HCI, care of NetGalley. All the opinions expressed in this review are strictly mine.