Jesus Was A Saint

My job entails talking with people for my whole work shift. I am a people person, but being an empath makes it hard sometimes with all the range of emotions coming through my phone. I’ve gotten a thicker skin than I used to have, but when people get rude with me I react by getting teary vs getting firm back.

I was sitting at work the other day and thinking about how Jesus truly was a saint for the patience he had with humanity while living physically on earth with us. Having patience with people’s attitude is not easy. Sometimes if I get upset my voice gets wavery which is hard to disguise. I am a naturally happy person, but being social for my job nonstop is draining.

I have become quite the introvert over the years and my current job has increased that part of me on weekends so I can recharge for the upcoming week. I recharge by reading and mentally recharging. I do best hanging out one on one or in a small group. I don’t do big groups and I abhor sitting at a table in the middle of a restaurant. I feel overly vulnerable being in the middle of a room like that.

Is it easy to be nice 24/7? Nope. It’s very challenging, though being courteous isn’t hard. Sometimes it feels like society as a whole is depressed and negative. It makes it tough as an empath to feel that negative energy off and on all day. Can any of you relate?

5 thoughts on “Jesus Was A Saint

  1. Jesus appears to be loving and gentile. But outside the Bible and hinted at within, he seems angry and combative. A certain Jesus who arrived in Jerusalem with mariners (fisherman) and the poor demanded the Gold of the Temple. He was combative and outraged by Roman rule. I wait for common sense to overrule emotion but emotion is all consuming.

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  2. What do you do for work?
    In my teens and early twenties, I thought I would want to be a therapist. I got married and had kids and thought I would go to grad school when they went to school, but I have thought about it and I am too much of an empath and I don’t think I could handle it. I give you a lot of credit for sticking with a job that requires you to talk to people all day.

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