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Holy Rascals

img_2241.jpgHoly Rascals is a short little book that makes the hamsters in your brain get a workout. This book talks about learning to look at your religion through the lense of humor. Not in a mocking, but thought provoking way. I am alright with some spiritual snarkiness. For some reason this brand of humor was lost on me throughout most of this book.

This book talks about the major religions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. It takes the traditional views and shows you different ways to view them in non literal ways. This book was a lot to take in, mentally and spiritually within one day. The thing I do agree with is that God is bigger than the Holy books that have become idols in a way.

I was raised a Christian and do believe, but don’t go to church. I’ve read up on other belief systems like Buddhism. I’ve even read a few on atheism. I wouldn’t recommend this book for the sensitive doubter. If you have a similar humor to Rami Shapiro you might also, enjoy books by David Hayward.

I received an ebook of Holy Rascals by Rami Shapiro for free from NetGalley and also, complimentary hardcopy from Sounds True in exchange for my review. If you want a book that will challenge what you believe in and get you to think outside the box this book will do just that.

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Daily Kindness

img_2233.jpgThis book of 365 quotes broken down into the months of the year with a different theme for each month is breathtaking. National Geographic chose a gorgeous photo that corresponded with the quote. This gem of a book made me want to cry as I turned the pages it was so lovely. The themes ranged from Authenticity, Strength and  Gratitude, etc. The quotes were wide spread from authors to actors to spiritual leaders. I’d say it was balanced.

I received Daily Kindness for free from TLC Book Tours in exchange for my review. If you love National Geographic and want an inspiring coffee table book or bedside go to, when you need cheering up click here to purchase from National Geographic. This book would make a great gift anytime of the year.