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Addiction is something we don’t like to fess up to. Whether it’s over spending, over eating, or drinking we all have our own personal demons. When I agreed to review Dryland I don’t think I glanced at what it was about since I knew it was a memoir and I love memoirs. This memoir is about Nancy and her alcohol addiction.

Nancy loved swimming since she was little. She was talented and won a lot of swim meet awards growing up. She almost made it to the 88′ olympics. Winning made her Dad proud, so she focused on swimming until her swimming career came to an end. Not having swimming as her anchor she signed up for the Peace Corps. Nancy traveled to different countries where she had different adventures in the process picking up a stronger addiction to drinking. Culturally in the countries she was in it was socially acceptable to drink. Β It took Nancy going to the Middle East where the severity of her addiction slapped her in the face.

This memoir is honest, raw, funny and not an easy read. For Nancy to come clean about her near deadly alcohol addiction isn’t easy. It’s tough enough to just admit to yourself you have an addiction, let alone publish it for the whole to read. There is a risk in being judged, or misunderstood, but what Nancy has done is graciously opened a door for conversation on this vital topic. No matter what your addiction might be, Nancy’s memoir of her journey to sobriety will keep you cheering as she swims her way to victory. I received my copy for free of charge from TLC Book Tours in exchange for my honest review. I recommend this book for anyone needing inspiration to quit an addiction. Thank you Nancy for your authentic, lovely self sharing your struggles, but most of all your triumphs.

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  1. DRYLAND!! Educative literature what a genius scribe! I just finished reading this memoir The book will ,inspire and motivate you on how to confront at any bondage in life.
    DRYLAND is a reminder that human beings are self directive and distructive yet unconditional love can push a human become the best. Love for Convenience or artificial love can destroy one completely. A story of courage and determination. my sincerest gratitude to A and D for standing with the Author all through the bondage season,they are the Heroes in Dry land . I read .I laughed,cried and loved as I read. Its very kind of you for sharing this royal information and warning people against that road of addiction to alcohol. your sons words “You loved your wine more than me” made me sob and get off the trap in my mind.
    The brutal truth shared ,is one that can make a reader to willingly open any lids of her dark life, the will to change is so inspiring. DRYLAND gives assurance that indeed there is a second life and we all have the opportunity to get a second life and make good of ourselves in this life
    The ability of the Author to write such a palatial literature is excellent .The figurative language,use of idioms phrases, humour sayings,satire,dilemma,suspense and vocabularies is exceptional.. I had to read two books at the same time .my oxford dictionary and the DRYLAND
    You are a wild scribe you leave your readers eager to grab your next copy please live long and write on.

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