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13 Reasons Why: A Must See

1. It’s a powerful book, but Netflix’s rendition captures the story perfectly.

2. Hollywood needs to portray teen struggles in a non sugarcoated fashion and Netflix does this well.

3. Suicide is a topic that needs to stop being taboo.  A lot of teens struggle with this and it’s helpful to have an open dialogue. 13 Reasons Why opens this important discussion.

4. Books adapted into movies don’t always do the book justice. This movie is powerful, addictive (binge watch warning) and beautifully cast.

5. Teen alcoholism is topic that needs to be addressed.

6. Bullying at school whether in person or online is a big issue and needs to be stopped.

7. No matter how little a comment might seem it will have a ripple effect beyond the person it’s addressed to.

8. If you enjoy teen dramas this movie won’t disappoint.

9. Katherine Langford is gorgeous.

10. We don’t know the back story behind every person’s facade. Don’t assume anything about someone.

11. No means no.

12. Rumors are someone’s cry for attention.

13. 13 Reasons Why could revolutionize today’s high schools climate. Let’s get the conversation started.

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