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Saturday Splurge

I was a tad naughty since I had a $10 off coupon for Changing Hands. Excited to read Jeff Zenter’s newest book baby, Goodbye Days.  I’ve heard great things about Benjamin Alice Sarnz’s book and the cover of Die For You, is gorgeous and haunting. As for Phantom Limbs, the cover makes me thirsty for water.



Today I am going to Pride for the first time. I’m a tad nervous since I’ve heard people might be scantily dressed. I might get an eyeful, sensory overload, but then again I might fit right in. I’ve never before been around this many GLBTQA people. My tribe I don’t socially mix with. Yes, I’m an introvert with a side of brief social interaction. I’m hoping I might make a friend, or two. I might click with a wonderful woman. Thankfully I am going with a few friends, so I won’t be alone.

Have you gone to Pride? If so, what was your experience? Would you say attending enriched you feeling comfortable in your own skin, your identity? Please feel free to comment and share your stories.