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Daughters Unto Devils

Horror is the one genre I don’t read. Ever. Till I reconnected with Youtuber Bisky Scribbles and I thought I’d give it a try. YA horror that is. I have read Stephen King, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve read him or Dean Koontz.

The title and cover of this book was a tad on the classic creepy level. Covers can make or break picking out a title. I almost resisted, but since I bought Amy’s newest title I figured I’d get her debut novel as well.

The storyline is of Amanda Verner and her family moving from the top of a mountain down to a prairie sounds innocent enough, until strange things start occurring. Prior to their move they are stuck inside their cabin due to bad winter weather, where they are snowed in. I think Amanda goes mentally ill. Her ma has a scary delivery of their new baby sister Hannah because their mom is sick with a high fever and can’t leave the cabin to get a doctor. Due to this Hannah is born blind and I believe deaf. Their ma is grief stricken over Hannah’s disabilities. Their pa try’s to stay stoick and keep the family focused on the Lord.

Amanda has a younger sister Emily whose her best friend along with a younger brother and sister. Her and Emily share everything about their lives with each other, until Amanda winds up prenant by the local post office boy. She feels evil having had sex before marriage and is scared she will be kicked out of her home if her parents find out.

Moving to the prairie more strange events keep occurring. The most glaring one is the new homestead they take over. The previous owner was either a messy butcher or something more sinister occurred. A house filled with dried blood all over? Cue creepy music. Will Amanda survive delivering her baby? Will her relationship with Emily be restored? If you are a fan of horror you might enjoy this book. For me not so much. I think I will stick with suspense novels.

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